A.R.P.S. Award 1986

In 1986, John Bellwood then Curator of Engineering Exhibits of The National Railway Museum presented this award to the Trust on behalf of the A.R.P.S. (Now the H.R.A.)

He recalled the initiative in the early 80's to stop preserving locomotives where the chances of success might be rated as very unlikely or impossible. Instead the projects most likely to succeed were to be identified and funded in order to make the best use of the money available in the preservation movement. However, after "Duke of Gloucester" nothing could be described as impossible and the initiative was abandoned. The result of this was the saving of every locomotive which remained in Barry.

British Coal Steam Heritage Awards 1987

Premier Prize For Outstanding Technological Contribution

This award was particularly well received by the Trust members who had responsibility for the manufacture of new two new outside cylinders and new British Caprotti Valve Gear components for them. In the case of the latter required new drawings, patterns, castings, machining of some parts from solid and the making of new poppet valves and cages.

SCANIA - Transport Trust Awards 1993

Runner Up

This award came some seven years after the completion of the restoration project and encouraged us to continue our programme of improvement of the locomotive, with a view to even greater achievement.

ARPS Award 1986 British Coal Steam Heritage Awards 1987 SCANIA - Transport Trust Awards 1993